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Monday, December 15, 2014

Work in South Korea for Filipinos

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) needs ONE thousand six hundred  (1,600) workers for potential jobs to South Korea as part of the 2014 Employment Permit System (EPS) Roster of the country.

The road map to get a job in South Korea through EPS for Filipinos:


Check your qualifications to qualify for an EPS visa:


1. Must be between 18 to 38 years of age
2. Must not have any record of conviction or imprisonment for a heinous crime
3. Must have no record of deportation or departure orders from the Republic of Korea
4. Must not be restricted from departure from the Philippines
5. Must be physically and medically fit
6. At least a high school graduate
7. With minimum work experience of 1 year

The next step is to learn "hangul" o ang pambansang linguahe ng mga Koreano  (get a booklet (free sa opisina ng POEA) or take a class (may bayad)) and pass the EPS-TOPIK.

All Filipino job seekers who want to work in South Korea under the Employment Permit System must pass EPS-KLT, are implemented by the Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) authorized by the MOL in cooperation with the POEA, and only applicants who passed the test will be uploaded for transfer to the roster of available workers by submitting the job application for the EPS.

Passing the EPS-TOPIK does not ensure a job in South Korea. When one passes the EPS-TOPIK, the job seeker has a chance to submit an application to South Korea.

After passing the EPS-TOPIK,  it’s time to get a health check: the medical examination
 submit the job application to the POEA only.

The POEA will then submit your  application documents to HRD South Korea. It’s up to the employers in Korea to seek the employees in the list submitted to HRD Korea. If the job seeker is selected, then your a step toward a a high paying job in South Korea.

There are fees incurred even before the job seeker starts working. This is not free.There paymnets for exam fee and medical fees, so brace yourself. Nevertheless, it's a good investment and a good gamble instead of betting the lottery or praying to rain money. Apply now!

From POEA: Here's the site:

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

char char

Pronunciation: /Tsar-Tsar/

Verb: A  terms which means to have bonding time that is related to intimate moments; related to the making out or spooning.

Sentence Usage: We do have "char char" moments once in a while when nobody is around.

Synonyms: Kemfet

Country of originPhilippines



Pronunciation: /Keem-Fet/

Verb: A gay lingo which means to have bonding time that is related to intimate sessions; related to the act of having sexual intercourse.

Sentence Usage: He wants to have kemfet with me, but I refused because I'm not yet prepared.

Synonyms: Char Char

Country of originPhilippines


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