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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Evolving Community Development Efforts through Internet

“The technology has its own advancement. Community development effort has also its leap”.

Community development is the process of organizing people and makes them aware of the relevant issues affecting the community relationship. This is a self -propelling aim to be empowered by means of self motivation through consciousness. These referred topics are related to environmental issues, civil rights and community empowerment.

Traditionally, the community development efforts is only limited through aesthetic means like community immersion in the depressed areas .These efforts are characterized by donations and community projects being implemented.

Many Non- Profit Organizations and Community development aimed groups are now setting their own techno version of community development efforts. These groups are starting making their website though Online media- the internet. These efforts are very relevant since they are doing the same thing like other industrial and Information based companies.

They also have community development forum and link building campaign. Raising consciousness is, of course, in this time cannot supersede the industrial or business marketing in the internet.

This only means that community development effort in the internet is looking forward in ways to have equilibrium .A balanced influence between the business marketing and social awareness marketing.

As the technology advances, especially in the aspect of internet media, various domino effects have been happening. This community development effort is one of it.

The process in these efforts to make awareness in the web market is inevitable. This is an effect of the demand for both advertising and consciousness raising in the society.

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