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Friday, March 13, 2009

Automation Polls in 2010 Philippine Elections

"It is true that the votes determine our nation's future.It also determines our national identity,and this new automated election method ,is it safe?"

In this coming 2010 Philippine election,new ways in casting votes are being introduced.Experts say it's the safest way and convenient solution in our nation's corrupted election system.But, there is always a question in technical aspects in this first attempt to automate the election in the Philippines.

Question arises like; how ready are we Filipinos to accept the process of this new way of choosing our leaders.
Does the automation in polls will diminished the election fraud happening in our country?Or  will it only make worse?

The latest technology in election automation has offered to many nations the convenient ways in choosing its leaders .In fact ,many highly developed country like United States of America and EU countries use this kind of technology.

But we are not a highly developed country,we are a diversely unique country.

According to the advocates of the Poll Automation bill commented that the automation in polls will give less dangers in election fraud attacks like ballot switching,and will give convenience in the election systems.

It is regarded as the "safe way" in casting a vote.But to what extent it will be safe?
.In OES, It is a polling system that gives access downloads open to all ,and can be downloaded through the internet(Which means people will be updated who has the biggest share of votes).

In this PRECINCT COUNT OPTICAL SCAN (PCOS) technology. PCOS uses gadget that reads/scans optical paper ballots that have been marked by voters . The scan ballots then be tallied in the automatic tally in clustered per precinct.

It is really good to hear that our legislature gives meticulous reviews and scrutinies about the polling system.

I just cant help wondering if It can be HACKED.
I mean,with all those updated technologies here and abroad,it just create an atmosphere of doubt in our minds.

But I guess,the government especially the legislature are not that dumb to figure that out.It's just an innocent rebuke from an innocent mind like ours.

There is really no perfect way in everything,all in this world is always twined with flaws.All we ask is the lessening some of its  "flaws".

But it's good thing government have introduced such change in our election system.The important thing is they will do their part in maintaining it (Automation poll system) and preserving its credibility for the benefit of the Philippine citizen.I hope the Commission on Election erases  the the doubts in automated elections  and provide reliable results.

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