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Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to Fight Anorexia Before it Gets Worst

Anorexia is an eating disorder which is characterized by excessively thinning of body and eating with small amount of food .Anorexia has no proven ways to prevent it but keeping the body and mind healthy can be a good start in avoiding it.

Here are some of the practical tips in fighting back anorexia:

1. Early detection. Just like many diseases like cancer, anorexia may be avoided through early detection .Early signs of anorexia may be determine low self-esteem or confidence. People who have low esteem tend to push themselves to the limit in order to change what they don’t like in their selves’ .Eventually, this will result to inappropriate dieting and unhealthy living. It is advisable to tackle the issue and make alternative solutions about her/his diet.

2. Happy disposition. Good life starts with good perception about the things around us. The human mind has big influence towards our body’s system. When people think that they are sick, eventually the body will adapt in such idea that they are sick. When person thinks of positive things, it somehow brings positive effects in the body. In short, happy things make a person closer to a healthy body.

3. Change the way you think about yourself. Sometimes people think that they are too fat, even if they are not. Common influence by this behavior is the modeling industry and TV commercials, which suggest that being sexy, should be extra slim. It is not true. Being sexy is a state of mind. So, stop thinking that you are not sexy or pretty. People are pretty because they think they are.

4. Healthy living. A healthy body can’t be easily attacked by diseases. This can be done by not using prohibited drugs, smoking or drinking alcohol.
Keeping a healthy lifestyle, I think, is the best prevention against anorexia and on all disease.
Anorexia actually is all about living unhealthy, and the best way to fight it is making healthy living an everyday habit.

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