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Friday, March 20, 2009

OFW:Going Abroad is Brain-Draining Philippines

It is indeed an attractive offer to work abroad,better benefits and bigger compensations compared working domestically. Going abroad for us provides more financial security and satisfaction-a mindset thoroughly inculcated in us Filipinos and among third world countries.

As global financial crisis continue to plague across nations,followed by mass lay-offs,going abroad has been our last resort. It is so, because the country's economy cannot sustain employment opportunities .

I remembered one conversation while queuing in a college Admission Test at USEP.
”I'll take up engineering courses ;it's in demand abroad and pays good”,said one examinee (talking in dialect). The other replied,”I'm supposed to take up BS in Nursing,but its expensive, so I took up BS in Biology hoping to get abroad with this course”.

As I've heard their conversation,it had somehow saddened me. We are already stricken by a disease-a mindset in going abroad could shape our future,our solution. I felt pity not for my self or to them, but to our homeland-Philippines.
Are we going to be serving other races for rest of our generation?
Are Filipinos deserved to be second rated?

However,with due respect ,to our OFW's ,they shouldn't blamed for this kind of “economic and patriotic degradation”.It is the call of necessity. They need to survive. People need to survive no matter what it takes.

The only last thing to do is a deep and sincere awareness campaign and urge government to create opportunities for our fellow Filipinos or “Kababayan”.

Looking at the OWWA statistics ,Filipinos going abroad is elevating . Government somehow promotes citizen to go abroad which is ,of course , not a logical action for a citizen- centered and welfare- centered government.

OFW's are are tagged as modern heroes because of its economical contribution (international remittance though foreign currencies).Despite this tag given,many are struggling terribly to survive abroad behind a good compensation.

Changing the Paradigm
Instead of harnessing Filipino skills and ingenuity,some fiasco government programs even encourage our fellowmen to go abroad promising good future. In a glimpse ,it is quite irrational .Filipino talent and skills in professional fields should have catered our country's professional needs -our own nations needs in professional services(medical ;doctors and nurses,engineering,teaching ,inventions, etc.);our own countrymen needs us.

I envied some other nationalities like Japanese that are very patriotic and loyal to their homeland .Japanese choose to work and serve their own countrymen;using their own language, using their own knowledge and talents. They have become steadfast in providing good service to their countrymen. They are not minding in how would it benefit them financially.In this aspect I salute them.

But even so,not all OFW's are seeking financial growth ,they are only giving good future for their respective family. But what is very unappealing is the failing governmental efforts to sustain and preserve Filipino professionals inside the country.

Instead of exporting our talents and brains,how good would it be to create opportunities for them to stay inside the country.

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