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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Virtual Teachers for Online Curriculum

In a resource material authored by Dr. Tracey Wilen-Daugenti and Alva Grace R. McKee of Cisco Internet Business Solutions Group on august 2008, they have concluded that, “In the 21st century, technology will play an increasing role in higher education. Institutions will adopt innovative solutions that will change the way students learn, communicate, produce, collaborate, and study both on and off campus—solutions that will also improve interactions among faculty, staff, and students”.

This is actually true. Online teaching curriculum has been a trend, today. Many students in different countries took up this kind of teaching curriculum especially those who take degree in Master’s and doctoral courses; and students who search for time convenience.

In virtual teaching curriculum, teacher lectures a student in via live video streaming or several equipment like the Cisco products in Video and Audio Conferencing. There is similarity in traditional classroom lecture but differs in approach, combining the technology and principles of education.

Several reasons why there is a demand for such practice in teaching profession such as:

1. Students can choose their own class schedule.
2. The teachers can also fix their own schedule.
3. They can both save time and effort.
4. Many teachers to choose from depends on your standard and program you want to take.
5. This method is based on international and globally affiliation which means it follows international standards.

These are the contributing factors that paved the way to the increase in top universities’ teachers to opt such technology–based teaching strategy.

In fact, premier schools are also applies similar teaching curriculum like Florida Virtual School, Academy; and even Harvard Graduate School of Graduates caters virtual teaching method.

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