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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are we heading the right way in advancing nuclear technology

The era of the advanced technology had already begun.Technology innovations have become very accessible to the society.
The presence of the many industries using this new tool –the internet, has created a dynamic change in our civilization.
The way of our doing business has also evolved through the online shop present in the web. That this mean that all the things we see in the in a non–virtual medium can be transferred in the web?
The sci-fi we see in the modern topic movies is gradually coming into reality.
The technology brings positive effects in the people of this planet. Many modern technologies now have become part of the total contributor of the risks in the earth’s health as well as to its inhabitants. Some of these are the creation of the super advanced Nuclear technology with the maximum utilization of the nuclear energy.

That this means that we are upgrading to the higher level of the technology or bringing ourselves to inevitable danger? Are putting our entire civilization to the risks these modern technology offers.
Remembering the Great Mayan civilization? According to the scientist and archeologist and scientist, it was part of great modern civilization until it was ruined.
This modern civilization is constantly changing, but the question is on what way we are changing, is it for the better or for the worst.
Does the history of the Mayan Civilization will be repeated on this era of the man?
But There’s no need to worry,scientists are doing there job and this is being regulated by authorities.
The critical issue is whether the world leaders and scientists around the world are responsible in what they are doing think .
Like for example,let's look at North Korea's actions as well as to the nations toward their Nuclear Technology exploration and testing.This can be a potential threat, right?
Is this only a product of my imagination ?I think it is quite possible some gigantic science project might destroy the world.
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