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Monday, April 20, 2009

Final Interview Tips in Applying In a BPO Company

Majority of the companies worldwide seems to reduce manpower .It’s because companies are cutting costs in terms of labor force which is obviously, the result of global financial crisis.

But despite such fact, there is a greener pasture in outsourcing companies. In fact, it is expected that the overall outsourcing industry to increase this year. This is despite speculation of US President Barrack OBama, to scrap outsourcing and give local employments to US Citizens.

Being aware is a must on how to make it to the good side of the economy -outsourcing. Then, if you are laid off from other companies, maybe you need to switch to outsourcing industry.

This can be done by applying outsourcing industry, an applicant needs to follow the process of employment, and the most critical part of the recruitment process to an applicant is the final interview.

Here are some tips how to have a good chance on your final interview in an IT or Outsourcing Company.

1. Know the company and the position you are applying – The panel interviewers will ask you about your knowledge about the company. In order to answer their questions especially in the outsourcing processes & operations. You should be familiarized with the services, product and the background of the company. You also have to research the position you are applying to determine your skills and competency. Mostly interviewer’s questions are related to information technology like Call Center, legal and medical transcription, web development and search engine optimization.

2.Be fluent in Conversational English-Most of the outsourcing companies operating are very strict in using the English language .This is because most of the job nature requires English to communicate with English speaking clients.

3.Be assertive, spontaneous and articulate–The representatives from Human resources, operations and training department will be interviewing you. Being relaxed will help, try not to show tense. Talk positive things, this is helpful in evaluating your skills and talents.

4.Be Professional and Act Appropriately-This is the critical point in interviewing. Although some applicants do well in answering the question but lack in manners, it somehow discourages the interviewers. Displaying awkward mannerisms and indecent behavior may ruin your style.

5. Wear business attire-in order to have a good impression you need to look good. It will also affect your feeling if you know you’re looking good. Every employer prefers neat and good -looking employees, right?

These are some tips in making your way in the outsourcing companies. Follow the mentioned guidelines, it will be a plus points. By doing so; hopefully, you’ll get a job in the increasing demand of outsourcing companies amidst the weathering economic market.

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