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Monday, April 13, 2009

Obesity Does Matter: Desperate Ways to Lose Weight

Obesity is not a disease; rather, it is a health condition that could lead to serious diseases. Obesity or being fat does not only inflict negative health impact, but also inflict negative social impact like loss of self-confidence .When people talks about obesity, fat people would find ways to divert subject other topic. Fat people find it embarrassing in their part .It’s taboo for them.
Most of the modern people think having a fit and slim body is more attractive than having a fat and plump body. No wonder fat people seldom seen on television commercials.
The great social rights advocate, Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi once said, “When the body suffers; the soul flourishes”. Such idea do not just entail about the self-enlightenment but also being self-aware, especially in the aspect of proper eating habits and discipline.
The concept here discussed is not about the “hunger strike “in which Gandhi popularized, it’s about eating etiquette.
I was 98 kilos then. I have a big appetite especially in eating high cholesterol foods. I was a natural glutton. For a 22 year old person, it’s not normal .I noticed, I easily get tired even with minor physical activities like going upstairs. It seems my heart is heavy. It came into my mind to discipline myself. Back- up with heath books and magazines, few weeks later, I started my own experimental weight loss routine.
Here are some of my weight loss diets /routine concepts I followed.
1. Minimize eating rice. Rice is the staple food especially amongst Asian. Some Filipinos would rather have rice with less viand than to eat with out rice. However, no matter how much people love rice, it can’t be denied, it is major weight gainer.
Gradual replacement of rice consumption every meal by boiled banana or plain biscuit or bread can be a healthy solution. Though rice provides more palatable satisfaction, banana and bread isn’t a bad idea.
2. Drink lots of Water or apply water therapy. It’s a fact; human body is mostly made up of water. That is why water consumption is important in every day activity. Water drains off body toxins through the urine. It’s good for the kidney, too.
3. Drink coffee. Coffee is a naturally rich in antioxidants. It gives energy since it’s a natural stimulant; keeps you active even you eat little.
4. Eat less meat or pork or don’t eat meat/pork at all. Eating pork meat is the major cause of gaining weight and obesity. Pure Meat is actually healthy but it is sometimes hard for people to separate fatty portions from the pure meat. Pork meat is high in protein but also high in bad cholesterol.
5. Avoid eating chicken skin. Chicken skin is in fats and high cholesterol.
6. Be a vegetarian/fruitarian once or twice in a week. Fruits and Vegetables are actually detoxifiers, it will help wash away and burn those fats/cholesterol and toxins. Eating lost of veges and fruits will also make your skin healthy, too.
7. Move around. You don’t have to get to the gym to wok out, a simple walking, jogging or running will do. Don’t forget to stretch before doing so, to prevent “muscles shock “and sprain.
Doing household chores can also be a productive means to exercise and eliminate fats.
8. Avoid alcoholic drinks and don’t smoke. Drinking and smoking will ruin the balance you are seeking in your system. Since your body is still adapting in the new eating diet or routine you are emphasizing, it’s good to stay away from these bad habits.
Drinking and smoking doesn’t have good effects in the body, actually; and it’s not cool.

Follow these guidelines and definitely you’ll have those fats eliminated in no time. It works for me; it may work on you too. Stay fit and healthy!

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