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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Press Freedom: When Journalists are Silent by Bullets

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Journalists are looked up as catalysts of change and exposers of fraud.Most people looked up to them with high integrity ,sincerity and honor.Being a journalist is considered for many ,a public service. Journalists play great role in shaping a democratic country into a socially and politically mature.Despite journalist's contribution in our society,behind their noble job,this profession seems to be fading.Their job nature makes them vulnerable to imminent danger,especially in a corrupted country run like hell by tyrant leaders.

Communist government persecutes press people or media who act against their administration.Today, in a corrupted democratic country,though press freedom is recognized by its constitution, journalists and media men are rampantly politically harassed and summary executed.So.What's the difference between absolute communism and today's democracy then?

Although ,sometimes journalists may overly exercise press freedom and take bias in an issue but many do not opt to resolve it legally.Political personalities and people in authority take immoral and terrible solutions to silent critics. Journalists are silent by bullets.This only means that press freedom in a corrupted democracy is hard to be appreciated .Do we have to have bloodbath before we totally achieve socio-political maturity?

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