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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Natural Ways to Fight Insomnia

It has been so many nights that I cant sleep right. My sleeping average hour of sleep per night is about 2-3 hours, and it is not good. My eyes begin to sag a little bit and the round corners begin to darken. I know I should do something about it before it will lead to serious health problems. I tried almost everything; off the lights, off the loud music and it seem nothing works.

But recently I had the best good night sleep of my life. Want to know what I did? Here are the natural ways to fight insomnia.

*Drink Milk. I really thought milks are just for kids, but I was wrong, actually one glass of before going to sleep has helped me relax my senses and my tummy too.

*No caffeine. I admit, I am addicted to coffee. I would rather eat nothing just to have my cup of coffee served. But since I have insomnia, it’s time to say goodbye for the caffeine rich coffee. Now, I am now consuming the no caffeine coffee brand. I also lessen my intake of caffeine rich beverages like Cola, and similar products.

*Go herbal. I am really an enthusiast of organic treatment. Aside from coffee as my favorite drink, I also loved to drink herbal tea. A 2 ½ cup of herbal tea 40 minutes before bedtime can drain stress in the body. Herbal tea is known to be a good antioxidant, like coffee but less the caffeine.

*Take a warm bath. I used to have cold half-bath before going to bed. It’s just lately; I found out, a warm bath can soothe weary nerves and it actually works.

*Get the massage. Of all the natural ways to fight insomnia, this part is for me the best. I didn’t hire any massage therapist. I asked my mom, massage my back and neck in a gentle way. You can also ask you family members to do it.

*Listen to Opera music. I really love alternative music; that super loud- metal -crasher music. It meant the whole world to me. But recently, I heard some opera song. At first, it was boring, but as it drench finally to my ears, it feels good and soothing to the ears. I appreciated the music, at the same time I felt drowse. I had the idea it would a fine background music during my sleep.

Have a good sleep everyone. Good night!

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