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Monday, May 25, 2009

Choosing an Anti-virus software for your computer

Recently, I have thoughts of buying a new computer set for home use. From then on, I start searching tips in buying it. I found out there are more about having that huge RAM (expressed in bytes/Gigabytes) capacity, processor speed (expressed in Gigahertz) and other stuff. A computer also needs anti-virus protection software. It needs to be upgraded regularly too. I think many computer owners missed this aspect.

I have search the word “anti virus” in the yahoo search bar, and guess what I have found out, 211,000,000 web pages results. Anti-virus has many results because it is a vital component in protecting your computer against worms and Trojans.

Some of the popular and latest brands of anti-virus software are Norton Anti Virus 2009,
PC cillin 2009 Antivirus security software, The Shield Deluxe 2009,
Kaspersky Personal, BitDefender Antivirus.

Every software brand varies in the level of virus computer protection. Some anti virus software like Norton’s 2009 & The Shield Deluxe 2009, have features that protect your instant messages, email and personal files by regularly eliminating Trojan horses, worms, viruses and other malware in your computer.

Features of complete computer safety, like from BitDefender & Kaspersky Personal is devised to incorporate firewall antivirus and spam combat programs. Now this is a new hype in anti virus software technology. Most of the anti virus software is somewhat applicable in one aspect security. It is an all- in -one package that would suit business and home purposes.

When buying a computer don’t forget about the anti-virus software. Buying a computer without including the Anti-virus software is like throwing money in the thrash. It’s a must have for every computer; anyway it’s for your own convenience.

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