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Monday, May 25, 2009

Cost-Cutting Solution: Photocopier Rental

As a direct impact of global financial crisis, businesses are cost-cutting in office electronic equipments especially in photocopiers. Conventional options are, not purchasing new equipments, decreasing electronic equipments or dwindling investments .Such impractical business solutions will make your business less productive/less profitable. But there is one option critically considered by innovative companies; getting a photocopier rental.

Now, what are the good things about having photocopier rental for your office? One good thing in choosing photocopier rental is that, most companies offering electronic rental services have the latest photocopiers in the market. There is wide range of choices reliable brands of photocopiers like Samsung, Minolta, XEROX, TOSHIBA, PANASONIC and many more are available for renting services. Companies also have technicians if some problems occur in your rented photocopiers. Aside from fixing it, they too can advise what type of photocopier your office would need. Your business would now enjoy productivity and efficiency at very affordable price.

As part of business planning, managers and accountants will try to calculate profitability of a business. Eventually, they would decide to buy new photocopying equipment; or not .Since, the business is cutting cost, they would think purchasing new ones will be costly. It is in these circumstances, adding a photocopier rental option will take place.

Aside from financial flexibility it offers, photocopier rentals will make your business get lower tax. Consider that, all rent payments are considered as tax deductible expense. Meaning the tax payer would get less tax payment. It’s not all, photocopier rentals makes firm’s cashflow easy to budget investments thru quarterly payments.

With the advantages on getting the latest reliable models and brands, technical assistance and financial feasibility, indeed, photocopier rental is a good investment for your business’ cost-cutting solution.

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