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Thursday, May 21, 2009

How to Pass an Exam

Yesterday, I read some old newspaper. It’s about the successful examinees in a National exam for accountants. Passing a national exam is rigid and requires utmost preparation. Such incidence persuaded me write some the tips on how to pass an exam like that. Here are some tips on taking exams:

• A Good sleep, a day before the exam. Don’t stress your self by studying all night before the exam. Your brain may experience discomfort during the exam, and this will affect your performance. Also, avoid Hangovers before the exam. Hangovers cause headaches and will ruin your focus. Your mind should be fresh while taking the exam.
• Read the Instructions. This may sound silly but not following instruction can fail you. You should know what test is telling you to do. Some exams try to trick examinees by witty instructions and many also failed to the exam by not giving attention to it.
• Answer the easy questions. Don’t be stuck up in mind puzzling questions. It will consume your time. When you think it’s hard proceed to other items, you can go still go back for it if there’s still time.
• Ask for Guidance, pray. A sincere prayer can do amazing things. It doesn’t matter what your religion is, as long as you believe in God, you are good to go. Prayers can also boost self-esteem and self-confidence, and will give you focus on the exam.
• Don’t cheat. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do during an exam that is to cheat. If an examinee is found out cheating, the institution running the exam will automatically give sanctions to the examinee, either failed or banned from taking the exam. You don’t like that do you?
• Take a test review. Although, it’s an expensive venture to take exam review, actually it is very helpful. Review centers, especially those have high reputation, can give comprehensive tips of what will be like. It’s a worthy effort actually. They have more resources material or reference of what the actual exam will be.
• Take brain foods .On the exam day take a nutritious breakfast, it will be your “fuel” for the rest of the day. But months before the exam, you should have consumed food rich in Vitamin B and iron rich and omega 3 like fish and soy. It helps maintain good brain function.

• Take beverages rich in B-complex and Inositol like sport drinks. B complex is known to improve disposition, mental clarity while Inositol improves mental alertness.

Alright, I already wrote the summary on how to pass an exam. It’s up to you if you want follow or not. Good luck!

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