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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nuclear Arms Talk: North Korea against the World


As the hostile underground nuclear test issue of North Korea remains unresolved, the risk for great nuclear catastrophe for the world is still at hand. US led anti-nuclear campaign influence majority of the nations of the world; United Nations condemns its harsh actions and behavior in response to nuclear testing.

Violating International Treaty on nuclear test is an act of challenging the power of United Nations and America to lead a nuclear free and peaceful world. But Associated Press reports and policy analysts, this is deliberate display of Nuclear Power. It is the last option of North Korea to make a deal with US on its failing economy.

Recent updates, according to AP, there are many warships patrolling the uncertain maritime border of North Korea. It means that they are ready to attack US. Imagine North Korea’s nuclear armed missile hit the center of America, Washington or the White House. What a disaster! I think it will be the end of the supremacy of US in the world, and the world will be in great chaos.

Is the Nagasaki Incident will be repeated?
Will United States of America take North Korea’s deal or Not?
Will President Obama’s Administration take an impulsive action on this?
Is it going to be World War III?
I hope not.
These are questions that disturb my mind lately. The rest of the world hopes that North Korea’s leader/government will surrender its nuclear arm program for good .It’s also a good idea if US will help the meager economy of North Korea to rise again.

Let’s join together and pray for a better world- free from nuclear bomb disasters and free from hate. Let there be peace and love on earth.

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