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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Search Engine Spamming

Spamdexing is also known as Search engine spamming. Spamming is the unethical type of link building or search engine optimization. Spamming is characterized as the repeated generating of web pages of the same content.

Because, most search engine like Google uses link algorithm for its results, it restricts the deliberate making of web pages of the same contents. Spam reports are considered by webmasters vital in fighting against duplicate contents and link farms.

Spamming is also associated with link farming. It is the inappropriate ways of making multiple accounts for the purpose of popularizing a certain web page. When this is improperly done, this will eventually penalized your site. Most search engine optimizer knows about this. I consider it the first rule in optimizing a site.

The common type of spamming I’ve encountered is in bookmarking, Blog comments, Yahoo answers, Social networking. Posting not relevant contents in these aspects contributes to a website to decline its ranking search engine .Webmasters post no follow attributes in the pages a spammer makes. This will result to low ranking since link counts will decline as search engine will not be able crawl it.

Search engines have very strict rules on spamming. When a certain site is discovered to be spamming, the webmaster blacklist the site in a certain website. The worst is it will be penalized by the search engine itself. This means a website or webpage will no longer appear in the Google’s search results or Yahoo results and other search engine.
In Search engine optimization, a good rule of the thumb is, don’t spam.

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