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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

X-Men origins: Wolverine in Pirated DVD’s

I have just watched the X-Men origins: Wolverine movie, yesterday. It’s far more action- packed and appealing than the two X-men sequel (X-Men: The Last Stand & X-Men) I saw. Although, most special of its special effects are obvious, the presentation of film is extraordinary.

But I already saw it on a pirated DVD version before I have seen it on the cinema. It somehow disappointed me .The film in pirated version was so messed up. Even a 7-year old child can say that, it is a premature movie being screened. The ropes and gears are very & graphics animation is also incomplete.It was definitely a raw material necessary for 50 percent video animation editing.Somebody should be sued by producing that premature pirated film.Pirated Versions are such a movie fun spoilers.

There is a big difference watching a movie in cinema and in pirated DVD versions. Aside from that awe-inspiring sound effects powered by Dolby Surround system, watching the cinema offers(especially in IMAX powered cinema),it gives the best movie experience to people who wants to unwind.

Pirated DVDs are very rampant in the streets at cheap prices. But because some people have less access to watch it on big screen, they resort to watch in pirated version. Piracy ruins the fun in watching film. Piracy makes great movies cheap and insignificant.

For the benefit of all movie directors, producers, writers, actors and actresses, as well as of the general public who respects international copyright law, I think piracy campaign should be reinforced.It should erased in this planet, for good.
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