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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Your Hearing Senses Might be at Risk

Do you notice you can’t hear properly anymore? Do have problems in listening to others while doing conversations? You might be suffering from hearing loss or hearing impairment. Some people are not aware that hearing sense, just like any other body senses, should also be taken care of. They will only realize taking care of it when they lose it.

Common causes of hearing defects can be both internal and environmental. Children born having hearing impairment can be rooted from pregnancy or hereditary issues. The mother may have intake harmful chemicals during the pregnancy period. The mother may have unhealthy habits while carrying the baby, like taking drugs, alcoholism, and smoking. Such habits can negatively affect the hearing senses of the unborn child .Hearing impairment can be brought heredity which means, such disability is in the family genes.

However, the many hearing impairment incidences are contributed by external or environmental factors. These factors are found in the workplaces, public places and even at home.

A normal conversation or sound is 60 decibels. The human ears can only take 120 decibels and the anything above that value can harm the ears. Exposure to loud sound from vehicle horns, motorcycles and gun firing shots, construction drilling and chainsaws causes hearing impairment. Loud music from disco bar’s sound system can harm the ears. Ipods and Mp3s should also be avoided, since it has direct hit to the ears via headsets. Take care of your ears, let is rest. Listen to the sound of silence for a while. I hope you’ll listen to my advice.

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