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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

5 Effective Tooth Care Tips

Do you still suffer from the pain caused by tooth ache? Do you have that awful tooth decay? Are you taking care of your teeth wisely?
Brushing is just one most advised practice by dentists in cleaning the teeth .However, there some tooth care practices that I think you should also give importance, as far as , tooth care is concern.

First tip; know effective way of brushing teeth. Brushing is not all about the putting small pea sized toothpaste in the brush and brushing on all directions. Proper brushing is done by putting the toothbrush against the teeth moving up and down (like we saw in TV).While brushing each tooth the toothbrush should be circular motion.

Putting a pressure on the gum line is not advisable. Brushing can be done twice a day .On the other hand, if you like eating chocolates etc., you can brush right after eating.

Second tip; choose the right toothbrush. To achieve superior tooth care; choose the toothbrush that has soft and gentle bristles. Most dentists would not recommend hard and non- flexible bristled tooth brush .It damages the teeth and gums. Because most tooth brushes are made of plastics, it may lose its flexibility and softness with prolonged use. You may need to replace the toothbrush every 3-4 months or as you think it is necessary.
Third tip; choose the right toothpaste. Toothpaste is important in brushing .During the actual brushing; the bristle scrapes dirt while the toothpaste “polishes” the tooth surface .Toothpaste should have fluoride which fights cavities. Many brands of toothpaste, nowadays, have combined characteristics of mouth wash and toothpaste which mean fluoride protection and gem-fighting properties. It’s wise to choose the one with complete formula.

The last tip; visit dentist regularly. Though, you may think self- check up is enough, well, it is not. A regular visit to the dentist is a practical way to make sure your tooth care regiments is effective. Dentists are medical professionals, and they know more than you know.

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