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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

6 Tips in Buying a Computer

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Planning to buy a new computer? Do you know what type of computer you should purchase to suit your needs?
If you really want to buy the right stuff, doing it in a hurry is not a good idea. Most things done in hurry can cause waste of time and money. This is true when buying a computer; you may lately discover that you bought the wrong model.
Here are some of the tips before buying a computer:

1. Conduct Simple Product Research. Before rushing directly to the appliance store to buy computers, research first the Computer products in the market. Read some product reviews about the computer brands that you have in mind. Product reviews discusses certain disadvantages and advantages in using the product.

It will give good decision on what type of computer that fit your needs. You can do this by surfing the internet.

2. Check Model, CPU usage & data storage. Faster data processing computers are better; have a faster processor speed, popular examples are: IBM’s Power 6 @ 4.7GHz.,Intel duo core , Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.16 GHz Dual Core), AMD Athlon FX-60 @ 2.8 GHz. Larger the data storage (RAM-Random Access Memory)(referred as GB) computer are also better. It is advisable to choose 2GB and up so that it will be compatible to add new features that you want to upgrade in your PC.

3. See it personally & test it yourself. Things look differently online and in pictures. Ordering online can be done only if you have seen it personally. There are many advantages when buying it in an appliance center ,aside from the convenience in logistics, you will have a personal touch of your new PC .Buying in appliance center will make you appreciate what’s cool and not cool about a certain computer. In ordering online, you might be surprise that it’s not as cool as you’ve seen in the picture.

4. Compare prices. It’s good to check the prices of a computer from other stores. The other store may have higher price than the other store depending on the retail rates they have.

5. Watch out for sale! There many hot offers and deals that you may get easily because of market competition in most appliances store.

6. Buy in set. Buying in set will give you assurance that all of your PC accessories and gadgets are compatible and fits altogether. It’s also good to have that warranty kept in a unit. It is also good to buy only in authorized computer shops for more consumer security.

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