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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Let’s Go White Water Rafting in Davao City

Tara River, 2006.Image via Wikipedia

Davao City is known to be one of the top tourist destinations in the country. Some of these attractions are the world renowned sceneries like Great Mount Apo and world resort like the Pearl farm. But there is more about Davao that keeps tourists coming back .It’s the white river rafting!

For some extreme sport fanatics, not having that white river rafting adventure is big loss.
Davao’s white river rafting is popular for sporty and for adventurers. It is during summer time that many rafters are visiting Davao. Foreign tourist and local tourist come to experience the different kind of sport.

One of the best rivers to have that wild white river adventure is the Tamugan River in Lacson, Calinan. The jump-off site is within the city’s periphery and very accessible by vehicle.

The long stretch of the river and the rushing waves makes it a thrilling and fun ride. One portion of the river is called “washing machine”. It called so, because it’s the most splashy and wild part of the river.

The whole rafting trip is not just about the flashing water, along the river banks are the exquisite rock formation and wild flowers and plants. The river also has exotic caves underneath the banks.

Take your family and friend in the Davao’s white river rafting adventure. It is an experience of a lifetime. Enjoy the ride of your life!.

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