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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Movie Review 2009: Twilight Saga: “New Moon”

After the box office hit of the Twilight Movie in December 2008 everybody seems to be excited on its upcoming sequel this November. The next twilight saga is entitled “New Moon” to be shown in cinemas this coming November 20,2009.

Personally, I am also a big fan of Twilight; Bella Swan  (Kristen Stewart) and Edwards (Robert Pattinson). Twilight is the best movie after Titanic.

The movie was an innovative shift in love story. The characters have superb performances to lure the audience from any walks of life at different levels. It’s fantastic, actually. Bella Swan has this cute and innocent aura that makes her the perfect partner for the alluring hunky vampire, Edwards Cullens.

But what really drives me crazy is the Twilight Movie Saga: New Moon story line reboots. There are some changes about the characters especially that of Taylor Lautner who is playing the character “Jacob”. He is now more masculine and hunky to suit the character of a werewolf.

British hunk actor,Jamie Campbell Bower will also join vampire clan as Volutri leader Caius. The cute Dakota Fanning will also join New moon as a young vampire,” Jane”.

It’s going to be full house cast twilight and it’s going to be different twilight.

After the departure of Edward Cullens and the rest of his family in Forks Village, Bella’s perfect love life was turned upside down.

As the story goes on, Jacob is revealed to be member of the werewolves clan; traditional rival family of the vampire. The next sequel will test Bella’s loyalty towards her love; Edwards which is part of the vampire family.

It’s going to be war between werewolves and vampire. And it’s this movie about the clan supremacy but a battle on how to win Bella’s Love.

I just hope twilight fans will not buy pirated DVDs movie so that we will see many good movies like twilight .We can even see the Third sequel of twilight in the next few years. How about that? Go Go twilight.

See the trailer videos below:

New Moon Official Trailer #3 (HD)here:

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