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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Points to Consider In Effective SEO

SEO Companies are increasing. Freelance or self-made SEO are also making their way to the mainstream. However, if you are thinking being a SEO is easy, well, you are wrong. Being a search engine optimizer is a technical in nature, and needs training. You also need patience and perseverance .You should also explore the web more often.
But since, there are many resources in the internet about SEO; one can turn himself into an effective SEO. Here are some points to consider while doing SEO of on a website:
1. Your site’s content should have TITLE Element in the head section. You can see this in this in the html code when you “right click” a webpage, then, click “view page source”.
2. Meta tags should be relevant to the site’s contents. Meta tags are those keywords that you want to target in your page (in which you think users will type in the searcher engine browser).
3. Heading Tags (H1, H2) should be supported with a relative content; each heading should precede a body of relevant content .It is also advisable to put exact target phrases with-in heading tags, but avoid repetition. Make it look unique in a way.
4. Keywords should be in the First & last 50 words of your content. SE spiders look at the overview of a page whether if it is relevant or not.
5. Use alt tag with images. Add alt attributes to image tags. Some search engines do look at alt attributes, so it is best if you provide a brief keyword phrase to each of your images.
6. Select a powerful title tag. This is the most important criteria since most search engines place the highest level of importance on this tag. Try to keep your text between 50-80 characters as there is a limit and try to include both the site title and a keyword phrase.
7. Search Engine do not crawl Graphics & Animations. Search engines only crawls text .That's why a website should be rich in text and not in graphics. Search engine loves text.
8. Make title & links unique in a page .Every Page should have a unique title. Avoid repetition of any link in a web page. Repeating the same link in a web page can affect your site’s ranking.
9. Find broken links. This refers to pages that will give an error 404 pages. Using broken links software like Xenu is of great use. You can try this link to read more
10. Submit your website to Google and also submit xml site map to know Google that how much pages your website have. Every site should have a site map. It will ensure there’s linked from one page to another. Search engine text crawler can now navigate your pages with at least two clicks.
11. Don’t spam or trick search engine to get high page ranking in any means. In the world of SEOs, spamming is a big mistake. As soon as, search engines discover your spamming strategy, it will eventually penalize your site.
12. Attaching blog to a website is the best way to make your website rank. Add new entry to your blog more often, search engine loves fresh contents.
These are some points you may consider if you want to become an effective SEO. There are actually lots to consider but these just the summary of the important points.

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