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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SEO Basics: PageRank Checking and Monitoring

The sole purpose of SEO is to get a website visible in most search engines. This is the basic reason why SEO exists. In order to determine whether your link building is effective, regular Page rank checking and monitoring is needed.

In the SEO world, PageRank concludes the entire search engine optimization campaign. However, no matter, how hard a SEO works to build links or optimization if it lacks quality; it will not help achieve high PageRank.

There are many tools and software available in the internet that calculates website’s PageRank. Basic PageRank tools like Alexia rank, Google rank, etc can be added in Mozilla and Firefox browser as add-ons though searchstatus. This PageRank checker tool can be installed and downloaded in this URL:, for Firefox browsers, and in this
URL:, for Mozilla .

To determine whether your site’s sites keywords PageRank is increasing or decreasing, you can get an easy install rank checker .It is a free Search Engine Ranking Checking Tool for Firefox. However, you’ll need Firefox Version 2.0 or higher to install the software. It’s not a problem anyway, because, Firefox 3.0 can be downloaded though this URL: the instructions the sponsored site and you’ll have the PR tools in no time.

These are some of basic add-ons and extensions you can use to determine your sites PageRank easily. Checking and monitoring your site’s PageRank is a good start to make your SEO efforts a result-oriented one.

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