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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How “Private” are your “Private Pictures” in Social Networking Media?

People, esp. young ones and techies are really lured joining social networking media like facebook, friendster, multiply or myspace, etc. It is a natural psychological reaction because we are humans. Our need to be with others or to be with contact with our friends and relatives is an automatic stimulus. It is on this purpose, social networking media are created to respond to this need.

We often put our personal pictures on the social networks albums. There are some pictures that are very personal to be publicly viewed (i.e. n*de pictures, s*x videos). It is on this reason we put them in a “private settings “.In this manner we feel secured about our personal accounts .Despite our personal knowledge on this, actually I have doubts, if are we the only ones who can see our “personal and private “videos or photos .It is on this matter I started to think, how private is my personal pictures/videos in my social networking sites.

Who can see your pictures/videos with out your permission?

Actually, when you sign up for an account in social networking sites like facebook, friendster and myspace, you are agreeing to the terms and condition of the site. It is on this way, webmaster can configure the site’s contents. By doing such, they will eventually see your accounts and that includes all your photos. Most of the social networking sites have staff that can review your photos, in which will add up to the list of persons who can access your personal photos/videos, or generally personal accounts. That’s not all; there are many people who can actually hack your password in social networking sites if they want to. So let us be cautious about this.

What are the risks after you have granted access your private photos/videos?

I have a friend that has many “private pictures “on her friendster and other social networking sites. She has this weird passion of taking n*de, s*xy pictures of her self. But of course, she did not put it in public settings, because it’s too personal. She intends to make it for safe keeping purposes. She granted her female best friend an access to her private pictures .At first, she seems secured about the sharing a very personal photos. But one time, they had a misunderstanding, about their lovers; her best friend becomes her worst enemy. Her bestfriend which has access on her private pictures, uploaded the pictures (anyway, that is only a right click away then “save image”) and shared it with their colleague. It was a humiliating and degrading on her part. I also feel sorry for her. This now becomes a disadvantage in uploading personal pictures in the web, esp. in social networking media. How about that for a lesson?

Spammers and Impostors in the Social Networking Media

In friendster, I noticed that there are many “spammers” that grabs and uploads your private pictures in their own account; storing them. These spammers use female account names or even someone you know .They do such thing, just to have a peek to your personal and private accounts. After getting your trust, they will get what they want. So, let this be a reminder to everyone that the use of the social media requires responsibility and disadvantages. In a glimpse we may think,does privacy in the World Wide Web really exists?

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