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Monday, July 6, 2009

How to Post Free Ads in the Internet -Craigslist

Posting Advertisement in the internet is a good business venture. Because of its global reach, many business expanded and profited using the web –based ad posting. It is technically proven to be an effective and efficient way to market your products or services.

There many websites that offers free advertisement listing in the internet. One of the most popular website for advertisements posting service today is through

What is Craigslist? is a website that offers free ad posting service. This is now one of the best advertising hang out place in the web. People can post ads, whether they are searching for a product or purely marketing a product.

Guidelines in Posting Free Ads in Craigslist?

1. Complete Sign up procedure in
2. Read the “terms of service of the site”. This is important since there are many prohibitions Craigslist .org included in using its site. (Like; racist ads or scam and malicious ads listing)
3. Post advertisement that clearly explains and tells about your product. This is not an essay contest. So, keep it short and brief.
4. Set email address while posting ads into “hide”. You don’t want spammers to track down email address, right?
5. When there is a reply from Craigslist, think about the offer from the sender. It is also important to avoid Wire transfer, Check Payment or Paypal payment transfer while negotiating the business. Personal meeting is still more suitable in negotiating for business.

Now, I have shared the tips and tricks how to post free advertisement (ads) in Craigslist. Hope you are all guided by this online marketing feature.

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