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Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to Post Free Ads in the Internet -Craigslist2

Last time,I discussed about the overview on how to post free advertisement specifically in a follow up to that post,I'm going to show you a deeper learning in posting on that site.

There are some people who don't have the time to post in the at website but really want to market their products especially real estate properties and other hard to sell products.Besides,posting multiple ads (real estate)in different areas are prohibited by does mean,if you are from the Philippines,you can't post a real estate property in USA.Thus ,you can't post the same advertisement content unless your ad is still active(Craigslist ad lasts for 30 days).

But,there is a solution about all that have been mentioned earlier.You should get a software that will automatically delete the cookie history in your browser at the same time changes your IP address with one click.You will also need many PVA or Phone verified accounts to this.

Additional tips in Posting:
1.Set you email to "anonymous". Never publicized your email in are many spammers and mostly scammers that may get your email.
2.Have a clear description about your product in your ads.
3.Put your ads in the correct items or and appropriate places so that it will be easy to find.
4.Attached small but clear images.In this way,it is easy to upload.
5.Negotiate;don't get easily be frustrated by foolish emails you receive.People in are those who want to get discounts.So,if they are interested they should be negotiating with you and will try to make an offer.But beware there are many fraud buyers and sellers in the internet.Just think of it wisely.

I hope this post will add another knowledge to keep you updated in advertising your products and services in

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