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Monday, July 13, 2009

Mozilla firefox Add-ons Make SEO Easier

As for a SEO like me, I should know the latest optimization tools in the web. I need it to promote my client’s sites .That’s why having new and useful add-ons is a great help for me. Add-ons are SEO’s left arm.
There are many “add-ons” in Firefox and it helps SEO to do something very technical which is not included in the default browser menu. Thus, the internet has many of these add-ons .Each add-on is specially programmed for a certain use.
“Searchstatus add –on” is a good tool to determine whether a site has a page rank or not. It also shows backlinks, keyword analysis and other SEO stuff. It includes popular features like Google page rank checker and Alexa rank. It is an all-in-one SEO tool. That’s why I install a searchstatus “plug-in” in my Mozilla browser.
How to put Mozilla firefox Add-ons in your browser
To do this follow this steps.
1. Find the “tools” button in the Mozilla browser.
2. Navigate in that button. Click the “Add-ons” button.
3. Once you click that it will automatically lead you to the Add-ons Menu in Mozilla firefox.
4. Enter the “add on” you like to put in the search bar.
5. Click “add to firefox”.
6. If the installation is successful it will tell you to restart.
7. Restart browser
Note: If the installation is failed, copy the download link of the add on, then “save it to disk”.

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