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Friday, July 17, 2009

What is Search Engine Optimization (in plain English)?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is another term for search engine marketing.
It means marketing your website in search engines like Google and Yahoo. SEO’s ultimate aim is to market your site to internet users.

The process is simple but technical. SEO makes sure internet users will find your “keywords” (i.e. furniture, cars, camera) when they type it in their search bar in Yahoo or Google and other search engine. This is the role of Search Engine Optimizer. It performs many search engine marketing and link building techniques to let your prospect buyers to see your site. SEO performs many techniques like bookmarking, directory submissions, RSS feed submission, create forums and many more to market a site and maintain online presence.

Remember, that there are thousands or even millions of pages that have the same keywords in the internet. To be able to rank first page in the search engine results like in Yahoo or Google, your website should be relevant to the users query in the search engine browser.

For example; when the users type “cars”, most like the pages with the words “cars” will be appear in search engine results. But like I said, there are many pages with such keywords, search engines gets their results through link popularity.

How can WebPages are indexed in search engine?

Google ranks their results on the number webpages a particular website is linked to and on the reputation of the websites your website is linked to. Reputation can be get when webmasters/users get references to your website.

In short, the more the website is linked, and the higher reputation the sites are linked to, the higher the pagerank. It will also tell how likely your site is indexed in the search engines.

Search engine also gives credit to websites that are often bookmarked by users in social bookmarking and social networking websites. This means when people bookmark your page contents often, it will have a good chance to be indexed in search engine results.

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