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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meeting of Two Development-Focused Minds: Perception on Governmental System- Democracy and Communism

I am a Community Development worker in profession. For me, the unending discussion about government, welfare of the people, people’s empowerment, economic development, freedom etc. matters a lot.

Due to my background in development work, I met people from different walks of life. Lastly, I met a (masteral) student from University of Notre Dame,USA.He is doing his field research study in the Philippines. He is more focus on peace process intervention here in Mindanao, Philippines. We had some discussions about our chosen profession. We shared some development work experiences .I shared my experiences in the microfinance industry and some of my development researches .In return, he also shared his field researches and studies in different countries. It’s good to have that kind of open-minded conversation. It was fascinating to hear some views about topics I am really concerned of.

On the middle of our discussion, I asked “Which is better Governmental System: Democracy or Communism?”-like I used to ask to people I meet the first time.

Although, the Debate on Democracy and communism is overrated topic, I also like to hear thoughts from an intellectually sharp person, which is of course, will be based on his answer.

He said ,”The Democracy is useless if the needs of the people are not meet”, and he added, “As long as the needs of the people are met and provided it is provided with dignity, that is democracy and communism that’s for me”.

The moment he answered my question to him, I somehow thought that he will take side one of my options-knowing that his country –Nepal has history of conflict with the government and the Maoist movement. However, I was wrong. I was really awakened on what he said. It seems that he has convinced me on that ideology.

Despite his ideology and intellectually persuading answers, yet for me the best governmental system is Democracy. My stand on depending democracy was on the basis of being the safest of all the government systems.

The power of the government should not be concentrated to few people .The state should be co-run by the people with its Legal laws (as well as divine laws.), not to erase social class but at least diminished capitalism. The state should be co-governed by the people. Moreover, there should be sharing of power between people and government, for me that is the safest system of government.

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