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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Typhoon Ketana /Ondoy Calamity Pictures

These are the pictures of struggle, misery and carnage brought by Typhoon Ketana (Ondoy) as it hits Central Luzon.A compilation of web pictures (Photo credit to and )

Shout for help. A hospital being abandoned as Typhoon Ketana strike and a man struggling to save his belongings from getting flushed by the flood water.A busy street turned into a busy river full of victims ,thousands have been confirmed affected by the calamity.
Shout for their lives. Sign of distress.Old women and mothers shout to get attention of rescuers
Like a Circus show but without the applause .They are not on a circus show walking on top of an electrical wire but they are avoiding to be flushed by strong flow of the flood.
Unity in the time of calamity.A modern "bayanihan" as we call it...Older adults assisted young ones and teens to cross the strong current waters.
Struggling to survive.A father carried his child to a more secured position as the water is fast elevating.
Here comes the the rescuer. A police officer standing firm guiding the victims of the flood.
Under the bridge of swarming victims.People gather as they seek rescuer from rescuers under the bridge.
Grip of your life.A woman struggles to survive in the midst of the flood ;rescuers assists her.
The carnage of typhoon Ketana.

All but Mud.A victim died after drowned by mud.

Thank God Father's here.A father saves his child from the strong waves and deep waters ,as child holding a grip to her father's back.

Let's donate to the Victims of the tragedy brought by Typhoon Ketana (Ondoy).

You can contact Ayala foundation here: or become a fan in facebook.

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