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Sunday, October 18, 2009

10 Things You Should Not Do While Your in Davao City , Philippines

1. Drug Trafficking- Davao city is famed for its anti -drug trafficking campaign lead by the city Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. The city also has been in the center of controversy with series of killings by men riding in motorcycles (Known as DDS or Davao Death Squad) ,whose primary targets are notorious criminals engaged in selling/ drugs and other illegal activities . For this reason, Davao has long been “peaceful’’ and criminal free, in general and drug free or less in illegal drugs activities. So, if you want to visit or transfer to Davao, drug trafficking is a suicide. You don’t want to be executed by those men, right? Trusts me, most people here hate drugs.

2. Smoking-Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Davao City (Republic act 9211-Tobacco regulation ) was fully implemented in 2002.All promotional advertisements are banned for posting in all stores and malls. This also prohibits smoking in public places like cafeterias and jeepneys, PUJ, bars and restaurants, etc. Davao city is really striving to be a health-oriented city. No wonder, it stood up to the reputation as one of Asia’s most livable city.

3. Littering-Because Davao city residents wants to preserve cleanliness, LGU Davao has approved the anti-littering ordinance. This is known as ,Ordinance 105 stating , "an ordinance penalizing the act of littering, scattering, or any careless disposal of waste materials, refuse and other unsanitary things on streets, parks, public buildings and other places in the city." This ordinance will actually work if the tourist and citizens will cooperate.

4. Spitting-The ordinance bans spitting in malls, restaurants, public transportations, parks and other public places. It was approved on August 25, 2009. Penalties consist of P100 for first offense, P200 for second offense, and P300 for the third offense or a subsidiary imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both fine and imprisonment upon the discretion of the court.

5. Fast Driving -Over speeding is prohibited in Davao city when driving vehicles such as buses, jeepneys, car or motorcycle, etc. Drag racing has been very popular at night in the streets of Davao  ,and over speeding has been relentless. There are various vehicular accidents happens due to over speeding ,and it caused several fatalities and casualties. As a result, strict measures in terms of speeding are observed.

6. Carrying an Unlicensed Gun, Knives, and other deadly weapons-City council  and into the baranggay level also passed this  law to prevent criminality in the city.

7. Carrying Explosives Ingredients and other Paraphernalia-This is a response to terrorism threats from neighboring places in Mindanao. Bombing incident happen in March 4, 2004 at Davao international airport has triggered Davao city to employ many law enforces and policeman for   strict surveillance and security. In and out of the city has been guarded by the task force Davao(a battalion of military men specially organized to facilitate check points and watch security for the city.).

8. Selling Foods With Magic Sugar –Streets foods and drinks that uses magic sugar (also known as Neotogen ) had been banned in the streets of Davao city . Duterte was alarmed due to the BFAD’s report that magic sugars is still being used in Davao . It is concluded that magic sugars frequently used as sweeteners in drinks and snacks sold outside schools cause cancer.

9. Riding Motorcycle Without Safety Gears like Helmet, Etc. -Land transportation Office check points are always visible here. Even if you are a highly respected government official or whoever you are, if you violate LTO safety rules, you’ll be caught and issued a ticket from the agency. Just like what happened to Mayor Duterte, even if he is a very influential person here in Davao. He was still apprehended by the LTO officers. This only shows that government policies and regulations are not always biased.

10. Joining in Gang and Illegal groups -To be able to control the minors that have been involved  in frequent riots and gang war, LGU Davao has implemented a curfew hour to all minors .This means at 10:00 PM, minors are not allowed to roam in the streets.

Important Update: 

And also one thing, firecrackers are banned in Davao city since 2001.That's why you can't hear any exploding  sound of firecrackers during the  Christmas seasons or every  new year.If you will be caught with the possession of firecrackers,regardless of nationality, you will be  persecuted.The city made this ordinance to prevent  casualties brought by firecrackers. Please keep this in mind people especially tourists.Davao is not a  regular city ,law is strictly followed here.

I hope this information will help you in traveling in Davao city.

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