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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sharing, Storing and Securing Backup Files With Dropbox

What is Dropbox ?

Dropbox is an online application that is used to store, synchronize, and share files to other users in an online environment. You can basically install Dropbox on your PC or laptop , sign up a personal account in Dropbox, and the files enclosed in the Dropbox folder will have computer directly synchronized to the Dropbox server.

With this new application, saving documents and files online to provide backup services becomes very convenient .You can access it anywhere and even in your hi-tech cellular phone. Free Dropbox provides storage capacity of 2 GB and you can increase its storage capacity up to 50 GB but has a charge of $ 99 per year.

Security Warning in File Storage in Dropbox

Recently, eager to get a back up file because I’m formatting my computer, I browse the internet and sign up with next day ,because I forgot about the site, and all I think about is the name of the site which is “drop box”, I open Mozilla Firefox browser and then type, since this is the only thing or words (rather than the URL it self) I remembered. Expectedly, I entered but there is something not right about site. It is when I suddenly remembered that I registered for “getdropbox”.com and not “”. I get the forwarded account details in my gmail inbox.

Mozilla security do not also recognized the and rather it says “the certificate belongs to”.This is common when a website title and website URL do not perfectly match or the other possible domain name is already taken. It is a disadvantage for the part of the users security since it is susceptible to phishing attacks.

Look at the picture below:

This the true dropbox URL:
This the dropbox phishing site URL:

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