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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hubport Group Davao Conducts 4th Fellowship Activity

It is a part of Hubport Interactive's mission and vision (other than becoming the progressive leader in IT business and quality service BPO ) to empower its employees by facilitating religious and team building activities .It is the company's commitment and a way of giving back to their employees for them to be inspired and God-fearing .The premier business process outsourcing company in Davao city once again conducted its 4th Fellowship activity on November 9,2009.It is a part of series of fellowship to motivate and to promote camaraderie inside the company .The event was held at Loreto St.Juna Subdivision in Soli Deo Gloria Ministries Lecture House.

The event was started by an opening prayer by Reynaldo Tinaco (System Administrator Head) and was followed by a presentation from Hubport Group Human Resources Department spearheaded by Mary Grace Calvo (HR Recruitment Officer).The presentation includes awarding of the Rice Incentive Award ,Top Sales performer ,and Employees of the Month for September 2009. Recipient of the Rice Incentive awards were Leah Lima and Michael Canda ; and for the top sales performer for the month was Dennis Lucero.The “Employees of the Month'' of September are as follows:

Assistants: Rowena Kimpo-A versatile woman who does multi-tasking for breakfast and a higly independent woman. She scored 90% with all of the department heads.
Production: Raph Manny Gregor M. Gasal (Search Engine Optimization Specialist)
Raph has been chosen among around 5 other people in the operations Department vying for the award of the Employee of the Month. So, why was this person on top of the others? The answer is quite simple. A criterion was presented and each candidate was graded based on attendance ,honesty,dedication,skills,service,being social,and spirituality,and he came in the lead with 98%.      

Heads: Jerome Tambaoan
He scored an overall figure of 73.1% in terms of attendance,professionalism,character,efficiency and survey.
(Figures and description courtesy of Hubport Interactive HR department headed by Shane Maximo(HR Manager)

They were given a certificate of recognition by the Hubport group signed by Mr. Chito Lucero (Hubport Group CEO) plus limited edition movie pass for two in SM city Davao cinema. Newly hired staff in the company were also presented.

By 6:00 pm,the participants were entertained by a band of cute kids with their rock & roll choir like nursery song presentation.
Consequently,a prayer was led by Mariel Balsamo (Sales Team member ) to give way to the sumptuous dinner for the participants. After a short queuing and food feasting and dinner was already served ;all were asked to participate to a ''Praise and Worship presentation'' which includes some of the famous Christian songs led by Cassandra,Dennis and Elmer . It was  sort of  an exercise not just for the body but also for the heart,mind and soul.

After that, a bible lecture was given by Pastor Jurem Ramos. The lecture was very educational and life changing. It is a kind of  preachings that can  touch and move everyone's strength of faith. It was another remarkable experience to hear Pastor Jurem Ramos spoke divine words . He is an excellent lecturer,never had a dull moment .

Eventually,as part religiously related event, a brief film viewing entitled “The Bridge Master “ was shown to the participants. It's a video clip from the movie “Mosts”. The bridge master was a short drama which is heart crushing and very sentimental.

When the short dramatic film was over ,Hubport group CEO, Chito Lucero gave his closing message to end the Hubport 4th fellowship.

Religious and team building activities like fellowships and sports festivals inside the company will greatly affect the perception,self-orientation and the motivation of employees in the company.Thus,these activities will improved employees' social and work performances .It's a good thing Hubport Group has these kinds of initiative.

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