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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Facebook versus the New Friendster

The  competition gets tougher in social networking. Recently, Asian social networking site Friendster has updated its site. Now let’s us see who will survive between facebook and friendster. Although, facebook has largest user membership in social networking sites in the internet, however, internet is a very dynamic tool, the changes can be surprising.
 No doubt, facebook is threatened with the newly updated friendster. Facebook’s biggest problem is the privacy settings. Because of this issue, facebook is setting up their privacy settings; I noticed this the other day. You can edit your privacy setting in this web address:
 Facebook and friendster are different. Friendster is private in nature which enables you to control who can view your private pictures, album and profiles. This friendster feature suits the taste of Asian users. Friendster also adopted the “status messages concept” of facebook and the popular micro-blogging site twitter.  
Here are some of updated features of   friendster:
*New! Profile View Counter Find out how many times your profile has been viewed. Visit your home page to see this innovative feature.
*New! User Friendly Site Design
It’s now simple not like the old version that has many buttons to press. Web spaces are  utilized properly.
*New! Enhanced Search
Find friends by name, hometown, college, company, favorite music and more.
* Remember to add your personal hometown and college information so that your friends can locate you!
*New! Submit Photo for a Friend
Currently you can submit photos to your friend's Friendster profile. Visit a friend's profile page and click on the "submit photo" button. Your friend will have the preference to post your photo on their photo page.        It's up to you which social networking site you will choose.You can also choose both!

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