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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fighting Drug Addiction with Responsible Parenthood and Citizenship

“If I will be given a chance to make something happen, it will be eradication of drug addiction in the society.”

Drug addiction still remains menace to the society. It plagues our streets like an epidemic. It is far worst than SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or AH1N1 virus. It should be stop once and for all.

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In many parts of the world, several anti-drug campaigns have been launched by United Nations. However, there are still drug addicts walking on our streets, terrorizing our peaceful living. Fighting drug addiction does not solely depend on external organization’s campaign or program. It depends on how we act as good citizen; by being vigilant. Government’s anti drug agencies make investigations and prosecutions of abusers and drugs lords. Many have been arrested and put in drug rehabilitation centers. It would be impossible without the help of informants and witnesses. Citizens as witnesses play vital role in fighting drug trafficking. They help track down and corroborate investigations that’s why drug enforcement agencies give them protection and security.

The war on illegal drugs should not just be initiated in streets; it should start in our respective homes. Many researches prove that bad family relationship constitute to drug addiction. We often hear drug addiction due to family problems and This is a reality. People use drugs to forget family dilemma without thinking it only aggravates the present situation. Giving each of your family member adequate attention and care would be a good start a happy life, and free from drugs. Responsible citizenship and good parenthood are synonymous; it helps fight drug addiction at the same time transforming our society into a place of harmony.

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