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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Understanding Progressive and Political Groups

With the spread of democracy in the world, citizens are now able to express their sentiments and thoughts concerning public policy and governance issues .Thus, gives  chance to progressive and socio-political groups to  form and build alliance so that the voice of the a certain society  can be  heard by the certain institution or government agency .Expressing the voice of the masses comes  in number activities that includes picketing or rallying on the streets like popular activists and freedom fighters such as Mahatma Gandhi  and  Martin Luther Jr. and others  .It  aims to have a  non-violent protest   ,  to voice out  strong disapproval to a certain issue like  institutional policy (e.g. climate change, corruption and governmental policy).

Sometimes we mock and laugh at these progressive groups (activists) rallying on the streets .Some people often perceive their actions as   non-sense and failure as they shout their sentiments in the streets. Several situation points out parents do not allow their children to go to rallies and pickets especially in the political as well as in environmental advocacy parlance.

Do you think that it is purely a display of political presence?
Is it a mere exercise of expression and freedom of speech?
No, it is more than that, our progressive unions and political groups are fighting for our HUMAN RIGHTS, for our FREEDOM.

These groups play a vital role in the creation of a just society and a balanced  power between  capitalism and the equal rights of the people below the pyramid of hierarchy in the society. Although, there are some puppet progressive political groups that seek grants from external organization , generalizing them   as opportunists and anti-social freaks are not logical and is a far-fetched idea. One may disapprove their ideas and thought about a certain topic but to mock them is not a bright idea, rather absurd. Besides, what have you done to voice out your own sentiments? What have you done for the sake of the country?

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