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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Placement Fee Work In Japan for Filipinos Plus Free Training

Eager to work abroad, earn big and help your family?
Do you like to work in Japan? Well, this is good news for you if you like to work abroad.
They also provide  free technical jobs  training  via TESDA.

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Ocean Bridge & Arc Foundation, Inc. is a Japanese Supported Foundation and technical training center,(also known as Tomikawa city) located in Piape, Padada .With the collaborative efforts from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority,the program was initialize and already sent several workers to Japan from the the province.It aims to provide technical jobs to capable Filipino youth to support work  in Japan.

This learning institution offers technical education which is more on electronics and welding  and other industrial jobs.Traveling expense is also free from Manila to Japan.All applicants should pass the requirements and pass admission exams and willing to undergo technical training.

Applicants can visit during weekdays for the program orientation.They have already sent several batches to Japan and most of them have been successful.They earn an average of 30-40 thousand pesos a month and mostly working in electronic manufacturing companies.

Before collecting all the requirements you have to attend an orientation seminar because some included in the list are not required.Just bring a ballpen and bio- data when you visit.

These are the common requirements:
1. Comprehensive Resume
2. 2x2 pictures (white background)
3. School Records (Diploma, Form 137, CAV) – at least high school graduate
4. Company Registration (for Industrial)
Land Title/Tax Declaration (for Agriculture)
5. Passport
6. Birth Certificate (NSO Authenticated) – VERY IMPORTANT!
7. NBI Clearance
8. Barangay Clearance
9. Police Clearance
10. Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Church
11. Trade Test Certificate
12. Medical examination

Other qualifications:

-Male or female
-At least 5'4 ft (for female) and  5'5 ( for males)
-At least high school graduate
-Physically fit
-18-23 years old

These are the stages before you can go to Japan via the Tomikawa Foundation.

1) Orientation(through municipal or directly in the foundation)
2) Admission Examination
3) Completion of requirements
4) Initial medical examination
5) schedule of schooling(Japanese language for 3 months)
6) schedule of skill training(1 to 2 months depending on your skill)
7) TESDA Examination
8) Pre-selection with a Japanese employer and schooling for special class (Japanese language for 1-3 weeks)
9) Final medical examination ( drug test, pregnancy test, etc.)
10) Signing of Contract and security bonds
11) Departure to Japan

You can visit them  today beacsue the slots are limited.I hope this post will help you find work in Japan.
for more information check out:

Here's is the Tomekawa city's   telephone number:082-442-1847.

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