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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Samal ,Talikod Island Escapade-The Virgin Island

These  pictures were taken  last May 8,2010 during our  summer escapade at Samal,Davao del  norte.

The badjao kid poses with a  

Young badjao kids diving for  coins.

A distant look on the great Talikod island as part of the Samal.     

A great place   to fonder and reflect

Small nippa huts  in the shore of Samal where you can  rent for  the vacation.

ships  side by side.

The blue green waters  of  Samal, Davo del norte

The light of Samal - the nimbus clouds being sliced by rays of the sun.

There is rich coral reef in Samal; you can hire a personal diver to train you and guide you  in your underwater adventure.

Another  light and clouds  of the great Samal  islands ,an ideal attraction to tourist.

Wide view of the light of Samal

Tranquil waters ,pure white sand and  cerulian sky....the place is not   crowded so you can have a good time with God here.

Until next time Samal.

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