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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bookmarking Demon Software (BMD) for SEO Service provider

Bookmarking Demon is software that is able to create massive amounts of quality bookmarks for multiple sites over a short period of time. For the past 8 months, it has so far shown good results in boosting site traffic and visibility. Some of the most advanced SEO service provider   uses this bookmarking software.
SEO outsource personnel should   purchase this software because:

1.) First, it can increase bookmarking productivity by 66%. Manually, a professional link builder can create at most 60 bookmarks in 10 minutes. Whereas,  BMD can make 100 in the same amount of time. That is a difference of 40 bookmarks. And since it is software, it does not tire or poorly perform with repetitive tasks.

2.) Second, social bookmarking is one of the strongest performing link building tasks. With proper execution, it can boost traffic, and after a while, page rank of a site, whether client or company owned.

3.) Third, BMD is not a wasteful investment. If not used to boost client sites, it can be used for internal sites. For a onetime payment of $147, the purchaser can own the software for as long as he want, and use it for whatever site he wants. And then he can get updated free of charge.

4.) Fourth, BMD is trustworthy software. Although it has high requirements when it comes to RAM (2G) and operating system (Vista or Windows 7), it will deliver the effectiveness it is asked for.

It is not spamming software because it mixes up the bookmarks an account submits. Therefore, it is not noticeable that something is being promoted.

Also, it's unlikely that bookmark accounts will get banned because the software uses multiple IP addresses or proxy IP address. So for popular but strict bookmarking sites, it will still be possible to submit multiple bookmarks, using different accounts.

Using BMD on clients’ website can impact within  two months. The tool will be a big help in achieving this goal.
This is such are great help to EO professionals in promoting websites sites. Every SEO service provider should highly consider buying BMD (Bookmarking Demon software).

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