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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Detailed Information About Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao City

The look of the interiors of  Abreeza Mall 
photo courtesy  : Ouno of SSC

External aesthetics of  Abreeza mall

 Abreeza Mall construction during night time,stunning as with the flashing lights.

Abreeza Mall construction during day time,with the gigantic crane and bulky steels.

Project Name  :  Abreeza  Ayala Mall

Primary  Investors:  Real Estate Developer Ayala Land Incorporated (ALI)  & Antonio Floriendo Corporation (Anflocor)

Etymology :  The word Abreeza come from  Italian the word “abbraccio” which means, embrace and breeze in English.

Project Location:  J.P. Laurel Avenue in Bajada,Davao city, Philippines.

Space and Dimension:  Abreeza is a   10-hectare property.

Total Budget: This project is estimated to be  P4 billion.

Completion date and Time Frame:

First Phase:  Abreeza  Ayala Mall In Davao City  will be completed in the second (2nd ) quarter of 2011 with 35,000 square meters gross leasable area,

Second Phase : This high end mall  will be completed by 3rd quarter of 2011 with 26,000 square meters gross leasable area.

Inside   Abreeza :

All merchandise are welcome to get a spot inside  Abreeza mall ,whether  local, national, and international brands .Hence, Ayala Land Investments  promised that Abreeza would bring in the best  in Davao City .  Robinson’s Department Store will be  inside the Mall, which will also showcase products from Toys ‘R Us, True Value Hardware Store, and Robinson’s Supermarket and many more.

Abreeza mall will showcase luxurious brands in food and beverages and other merchandise like Starbucks, XOXO Bread Talk, TGIF for food, Café Laguna, New York 101, Lucerne, Lemon Grass.

The 10-hectare  premier mall  will also have a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) center within the complex. Therefore, a good news to the BPO industry, carrying out  call center services, website development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO ) services.

Generally ,Abreeza mall will be the building for  a high end shopping mall, business process outsourcing offices , hotels and restaurants, and business branches , and corporate agencies.

Economic Impact: 

This development project is projected  to boost financial and tourism of the city, raise economic development and rejuvenate a marketable city-the new Davao city.

Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao City is anticipated to have multiplier effects to Davao city as well as to its residents. This new mall would attract other investors to pour business ventures inside the  city. This would further claim Davao city as the “Third most progressive city in the Philippines”. Thus, such great investment will increase  the tax collection by the BIR and LGU unit , which will be used for government development projects like roads and social projects by the government. Construction of the huge building like Abreeza is actually, a prelude of what a modern Davao city would be-a world class and progressive city in Mindanao.

Employment Impact:  According to Maria Christina Brias, Anflocor director, Abreeza project would utilize at least 11,000 workers from construction period up to the full operation of the business.
Migration and Tourism Impact: It is expected to raise the population settlers of Davao city by five percent (4.5%) estimates because of Abreeza as a new employment and business potentials.

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