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Friday, October 29, 2010

China is taking over the World Wide (Web)

Being a Google Adsense publisher and a SEO specialist, I have visited the new feature Google Adsense planner hoping it will help my make money venture. I found out about some of the most visited on the web. Of course, I found Facebook in rank #1 with 680,000,000,000 page views and with 600,000,000 unique users, followed by Youtube with 490,000,000  users and 76,000,000,000.That’s a lot of counting.

Maybe, you are expecting I found out something different. Yes, you’re right! I found out that there are many Chinese-based websites on top of the list, in which, you may not have heard of, basically because you are not Chinese .But, considering their large population (1.4 billion est.), they really have to make a search engine or sites in Chinese. Anyway, it is just so amazing, that of many years exposure in the web, I have fetched something different this time.

The top 5 China-Based sites:
Ranks # 8 - 170,000,000 unique visitors and it is a search engine.
Ranks # 9 - 130,000,000 unique visitors .It is a web portal.
 Ranks # 14- – 98,000,000 unique visitors. It is a Web Portals.
Ranks # 17- 90,000,00 unique visitors. It is under Classifieds.
Ranks # 20 it has 74,000,000 unique visitors .It is a Search Engine.

Regarding the title post  above;” China is taking over the World Wide (Web)”.I really mean it.Why? First, just yesterday I have read , China  made the fastest bullet train, faster than the bullet train of Japan. Secondly, China breaks the world’s fastest supercomputer record, faster than of US; and lastly, China is rising as one of the top sites and search engines of the world. Oh ha. Still not convinced? Can you blame me I choose  that title?

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