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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Get the #NewTwitter

Introducing the all #NewTwitter!

In the world of internet, twitter is the most popular site for microblogging, for now. With its newly launched upgrade, it is expected to entertain and attract more internet users as before. If you are still using the older version of twitter, you should see and get the new twitter. Despite this, the project is still at random offerings, and is not yet available for all (but soon). But, if you are offered to try it,  grab the chance to be one of the few users to try  the #NewTwitter. Read more >>>

See the video presentation below.

What’s the buzz about the all new twitter?

The design is very convenient because you will now see the @mentions, retweets, searches, and lists right above your timeline, which is very good because you can see it with one glance.

On the right side, you can see whom you lately followed and who newly followed you, favorites, and Trending Topics!
You can see Mini profiles by just clicking on the timeline of the user. The user’s profile (account information, bio and recent statuses/ Tweets) will display on the right side, which makes it optimize since you don’t have to navigate to another page.

Another great change is  you can now view photos, videos, and other media content from youtube, DeviantART, Flickr, TwitPic, and many more without  jumping to the actual site. Hence you can view it in the right side.

And since, twitter is a very potential money earner, "twitter people" are now starting to offer  some paid services  in their microblogging site in  promoting businesses and  profiles.

Let's find out more  about this microblogging site could offer.Please follow me @twitter here.

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