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Friday, October 15, 2010

My Blog is Now in Beta Version!

I’d like to announce to the Whole Wide World of internet that my blog, Development Catalyst is now in Beta Version! (cheers!)But, it is not what you think, especially to those techies and IT pros people out there. What I mean is my blog will now become a legitimate personal blog -which means I’ll put  personal touch and tone on all of my new posts.

I have been blogging for a while. And over the past few months, I notice I write only for marketing purposes and for make money reasons. But as I  go  on  living my life, it seems  I  don’t care  about how much Ad$ense revenue I  will get  anymore. I just found joy when people comment and read my posts  .So, I decided to write this post (happy?).

This blog has been my diary of all my works, knowledge and experiences while I’m working in a BPO industry as a SEO specialist (No argument about this please) . This blog means so much to me. Though, some may view this as an ordinary blog, well, for me it’s a work of art. And in my opinion, many readers benefited in my blog (I can see it in my blog comments count,especially jobs). Making a blog like this requires great effort and passion, that’s why I value it. Most of my (Text) posts or articles   here are my original works (except for some images,but at least i credit some of my sources.jejejeje :-P).

Okay, let’s go back to the Beta Version feature of my blog. From now on, I promise to all my readers that I will post relevant and educational contents (as what I have been doing).I will also exert more effort to bring out the best of my personality here, and please don’t bother about my sarcastic and comical punch lines (jejeje peace!). And lastly, I will strive to improve my writing so that readers can easily understand my topics.

That’s all folks! Good luck (recommended for Chinese) and God bless to all my readers (Not applicable for Atheists!) Thanks!

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