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Monday, October 11, 2010

Starting An Online Store in Facebook

Do you know that facebook is not only for social networking and SEO?You don't have to be a SEO service provider to earn online, because you can start a business using Facebook (please don't forget your merchandises).

One of the useful activities inside this giant social networking site is selling stuff like clothes and gadgets. And because of its “viral”properties-which is good for internet marketing (SEO services), different types of stores are  within facebook are now trending in the web.That’s why, don’t be surprised if someone will tag you with pictures of assorted  merchandise.

To be able to begin earning in your  Facebook store,you have to  upload  product photos and  start tagging friends,and your online  facebook store is now operational.You can have fun with facebook all day,while waiting for clients who will order your products.You just have  to have an  account ,starting adding friends,and be social.

Some tips in starting an online store in Facebook:
1. Create an informative facebook profile or account
2. Upload clear and actual pictures of your products (Also add description and prices)
3. Also discuss the shipping fees and extra fees in your products.
4. Tagged  potential customers to your product photos.(Only tag when needed)
5. Be clear on your mode of payment 
6. Always confirmed  and secure your client’s order.
7. Be careful about Facebook scammers.

Some Facebook inspired online stores I picked:

Jewelries & Accessories:
Just like any other product, the costumers must see the items you are selling and how
much it costs. by doing so,you will amplify the likability of your accessories & jewelries.Hire or get  models to wear your jewelries and take a photo of it,would also be a fantastic idea.Add these pictures for the costumers to see how it will look like being worn.
This is an example of an online store inside Facebook selling Jewelries accessories :
High-Tech Gadgets
Since most of the facebook users are young people, you may want to consider selling
high-tech gadgets like Ipod nano, Macbooks and laptops and headsets and Iphones.
Fashion Clothes and  Apparels
Do you have good taste at dresses or clothes?You can start a little apparel store inside facebook.Meet a young entrepreneur on  facebook and   store owner of Little Pleasures  Online  Shop  ,Kia Frasco.She displays a good  stock of assorted Cutesy Babydolls, Sexy Minis, Pretty Tops, Ultra Hot High-Waisted Skirts and Even Super Cute Bikini Tops.
There you go,above are the  common online stores  you can start in Facebook.Even if you are not a SEO service provider,you can still enjoy,learn and earn online.Many business owners have great success stories that started in Facebook,you can be one of them.Start your online store in Facebook now!

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