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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Manny Pacquiao fights, what’s up with the SEO’s?

First, I’ll answer the question,” Why a SEO specialist like me is happy whenever Manny Pacquiao fights? “It is because I am proud of him being a Filipino (like me!). I admire his prowess in boxing. Since, he is very popular and everybody seems love to write, blog and talks about him, so I decided to join the clutter .Hey yah!


Secondly, I want to break the usual SEO blog which are generally tagged with dull impressions. Besides, I want my readers to be dynamic in my post, and adding an interesting topic like Manny Pacquiao seems a bright idea.

Third, setting up a Search Engine Optimization blog like this is challenging .To be able to compete with other search engines niche  blogs, internet marketing blogs –or whatever they call it, a  post needs a little spice so that you can  snatch  readers’ attention; and eventually  read your articles. That’s why, if it happens you are reading this; it means my SEO strategy is effective.

Alright, let’s go back to Manny Pacquiao new fight topic.There is no doubt that MANNY PACQUIAO–a professional boxer from the Philippines is the hottest sports icon today. He is the “Pound for Pound King” and also the title holder of the 7 Champion ship belts (hopefully 8!  If he knocks out ANTONIO MARGARITO on November 13), and he got “BWAA Fighter of the Decade award”.

Alright, let’s stop on this point because if we discuss his achievements and why I like him maybe it will start to bore you. Also, I will exceed my 300-word limit on my post.

But, all I can say is, Manny Pacquiao is a hero for Filipinos; whether you‘re a SEO professional; SEO specialist, SEO service provider   or not. Yikes! Where are all these words come from?

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