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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ad Posting Tool Review

            Working as SEO service provider and internet marketing researcher for a certain outsourcing company, I have used and tested several online products mainly for SEO and internet marketing, in general.I am assigned to review three (3) ad posting tools or namely:Classifiedflyerads,Classified Connection TCC & Adbot by IncanSoft.

Here are the results:

Ad Exposure and SEO
In terms of ad exposure ,the classifiedflyerads is way best ad posting tool.It posts to popular and high traffic sites like craiglist,backpage and ebay,yahoo real estate ,etc.Adbot and TCC are not focused on those sites,rather posts to many but unpopular sites.The classifiedflyerads is a compact targeted ad campaign.

Moreover,classifiedflyerads automatically sends ad page to popular niche specific classified sites like yahoo real estate and active rain,etc,,which  means ads will be posted to relevant sites. Example ,if you are advertising a real estate ad or site ,it will be posted to activerain,yahoo real estate -which are examples of niche ad sites for real estate .This ensures users  visiting your ad is looking for a real estate properties .Hence ,you will have great ROI by placing your ads at the right sites.

The ad page created inside classifiedflyerads has great chances to be found by search engine because it's template is SEO friendly.The ad page created ,where  links are attached ,gives back link points to your site.

Pricing Considerations
Classifiedflyerads is not  pricey since it only cost to 11$ per month by making 10 free flyers. It has also a 30-day trial period so If you don’t think  it’s giving any lead or sales you can just stop using their   service.
On the other hand, the Classified Connection TCC is an expensive ad software yet only posts to few sites and less so popular sites.The software is not worth its price ,which is actually,$146.Also, adbot price is just enough based on the benefits it give.

Link Building and Lead Generation
The Classifiedflyerads is useful for linking building because most adsites it submit  are high ranking and popular .Since, the Classifyer ad template is search engine friendly ,which means  more traffic on your ads.The ad page created are good authority backlinks to sites.Also,by making an ad to Classifiedflyerads ,you are actually making a mirror of your  sites ,but in a straightforward manner.The ad page message will be direct and plain ,which will tell visitors what you are trying to sell or advertise.

After all testings have been done using the three ad posting tools ,I have come up with my recommendation. Classifiedflyerads is the best among the three for ad posting tools reviewed .Though, adbot incansoft can still be useful.

Many automated Classified ad Submission Software are flooding the web market but for now ,those mentioned above are still one of the  most effective I have  reviewed. For the next review will be Automated Classified Ad Submission Software ,I have heard its great and automated.Let's find out.

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