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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How to avoid blog scraping and copyrighted infringement

What is blog scraping?

According to Wikipedia, Blog scraping is the process of scanning through a large number of blogs, usually daily, searching for and copying content. Some bloggers or webmasters do  blog scraping  mainly to generate traffic to  their splogs (short for spamblogs ) or  get more  adsense clicks.

Copying  internet marketing articles for  "make money online venture" is not a big deal for me.But for copyright and referencing sake,a link in the post should be present so others will see where the idea came from.Though,majority of the bloggers and webmasters are serious about copyrights .Besides copying somebody else's  work is professionally unethical ,and is against copyright law. So,I have written this article  to give  bloggers tips on how to  avoid blogscraping and protect their copyrighted contents.

Do you love your blog?Yes? Read these  not-so-new  but helpful blogging tips for you.

1.Adding a badge or banner from Copyscape.It is a site that monitors and checks copied contents across the site.Put your Homepage URL in the site,if it is copied ,it'will show up in the results.See their wide array of  banners. In this way ,you may somehow discourage others from copying your contents.Try it they might just freak out.

2.Get a license @ Creative Commons.A site that advocates sharing contents legally and respect towards copyright law.You can choose what creative common  license to use in your blog.

3.Add  HTML codes on your webpage.Some html scripts or codes are made to disable right click and  copy paste.Some create ( javascript) pop out  message  warning not   to copy.

Code Installation  #1

A.Sign in  blogger
B.Click Design
C. Edit html
D. Press control F and look for
Just below the  add the codes below.
E. Press save.

Here's another  disable copy paste codes  with a warning message.
Code Installation  #2

A.Sign in  to blogger
B. Click "Design"
C Add a new gadget
D.Choose HTML/JavaScript
E.Add the codes below
F.Then Save!
4.Set your RSS feeds. In blogger ,you can set it by following this steps.

a1.Sign in to blogger
b2.Go to Settings
c3. Site feed
d4.Set blog post feed to "short or none if you like"
e5.Save settings

I opted to "short" for my RSS .It serves  a teaser for my RSS subscribers. I intend to let them read a portion of the post and visit the blogsite to read it in full. It adds traffic.

5.Watermarking Images.One of the most traditional practice to protect  copyright contents .Put your name ,logo or on your photos  so users will know who own it.Just  make sure the watermark does not affect the general look of the pictures.

I guess that's all I can share for now in blogging.Hope you got something on how to avoid blog scraping and   copyrighted infringement . Happy blogging!

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