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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Webhosting Companies that Ranked Well in Search Engines

Last entry was about the best practices in getting a web hosting for a small business store or website. To sum up ; consulting a professional blogger and website owner to fully discuss technicalities of having a website; the basic ingredient to  a successful website is through robust web hosting;  scanning  through web hosting directories and researching  each web hosting firm; checking out web hosting rating ,and reviewing customer feedbacks.

Now, it’s time to discuss web hosting companies that are popular in search engines. Question: If a web hosting company is popular in search engines like Yahoo and Google, does it mean it’s the best web hosting service, too?

Basically, the answer is not all the time. Here’s the thing, if a web hosting company do rank well in Google or Yahoo, it only means a website is very well-optimized .Such companies running a first-rate marketing campaign. Numerous paid search engine advertisements like Google Adwords are also at reach to place website hosting firms on the spotlight. These strategies are common to big web hosting companies that utilize a great amount of money in advertising. They could employ the best SEO staff or agency in the market.
There is no perfect web hosting company unless you try it yourself. So,   to be sure, it is necessary to read web hosting reviews from real consumers (website owners), blogs and other references on the web. Of course, potential consumers don’t have the time to try it all- that will be a waste of money. This is the main reason web hosting rating and review sites exist.

The truth is -search engines influence website owners in choosing a web hosting service . What they  do is type the keywords, the webhosting  website show up and acquires the service without researching the company. In this type of business where trust is essential, a proven track record is an utmost concern. That track record should be the first thing should be considered. Because buying a web hosting service is not based on popularity but on trust and guarantee. Get a great web hosting company that not just invest more on advertising but also invest more, importantly, in upgrading their system, technology and quality of web hosting products.

Several webhosting companies are now focused on SEO, because of the stiff competition. Anyone can consider this (over allocation of big amount on advertisement and not on quality) incorrect business paradigm. Instead of intensifying the service, most firms would exaggerate the service offerings. And if the web hosting service fails to deliver the offerings they have promised, end users will have to suffer big time. This is why choosing a suitable webhost is critical in the online market.

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