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Monday, January 30, 2012

Evaluating your Web host's Performance

      I  assume you already acquired a web host to cater your site's  web hosting requirements. Now,the essential  question is -Are you satisfied  with its  performance ? Do you know where to start your performance  evaluation  ? If not you should read this post.

Now, let us examine  some key points   in  choosing a  web host  .Also, let us  determine whether your web host is within the standards of  web hosting rating.

Up time , Down time
Is your site up this time?The thing is there is really no 100% up-time features in any web hosting companies .You will always see 99.9 % up time, because the remaining percent are allocated for  maintenance and miscellaneous  issues. The truth is  downtime is always present in any web hosting. Through,  the best option is to  choose a  market leader in web hosting .These reputed ,well established web hosting companies mostly   have  best up-time offerings as well as  high technologies to ensure up down time is diminished .

Budget Conscious
Are on tough budget,you might need to browse the web hosting  directory . You can compare prices from their bargain deals to their highly recommended  customized server offers.

Choosing the  processor for your dedicated server
Depending on your website's  requirements,your server can be run on  Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 ,Intel Atom 1.66Ghz DualCore ,or the super fast  Intel Xeon E5506  processors. Because it process most of the information on  your site,choose a fast processor. Consider that , if you use a slow Intel processor and your website has huge files  the server will be also inefficient  in loading files and information on your site.

Memory Requirements?
Websites that have  more   text and less with videos or images can use a minimum low memory .However, if a site caters mostly of videos and huge files,a high memory web hosting plan is needed. Examine  if your site's features  is suited to the website  hosting plan you have chosen.

You can also use a  Free Website Performance Tool and Web Page Speed Analysis for your perusal.

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